Hydraulic Boat Lifts

4500 lb hydraulic boat lift


Lift your boat with a touch of a button in a matter of seconds!!!

Operating your Shore-Mate hydraulic boat lift is as easy as turning on your TV!  There is nothing more convenient - or impressive - than pushing the button on your hand held remote control to lower your boat into the water and then raising it as soon as your done.  


  • Self-contained power source (12-volt DC batteries)
  • Models Available for boats up to 12,000 pounds
  • Adjustable lift legs allow installation on virtually any type of bottom



  • Light weight but incredibly strong marine grade aluminum and short cycle rates get you on and off the water fast
  • Two water resistant hand held remote controls (optional) let you control your lift from your patio or from the comfort of your boat
  • Securly protected auxiliary control system allows you to operate the lift if you forget your remote control unit



  • Marine grade aluminum frame assembled with sturdy stainless steel and brass fasteners hold up against the harshest elements for years
  • Heavy-duty Monarch hydraulic pumps and controls are designed for marine use
  • Hydraulic cylinders with stainless steel rods for years of trouble-free service
  • Canopy system (optional) adds even further protection for your boat and lift from all of the elements mother nature has to offer


  • Hydraulic fluid environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • Lift and components protected by our industry leading 15-Year Limited Warranty


Choose Your Hydraulic Lift

    Shore-Mate hydraulic boat lifts are designed for boats with total weight up to 12,000 pounds.  To choose the right lift you first need to know the approximate "Total Weight" of your boat.  That number is the "Dry Weight" (usually found on your boat registration) plus the estimated weight of fuel, passengers, accesories, etc.  Make sure that the "Maximum Weight" of the lift you chose is greater that the "Total Weight" of your boat.


Hydraulic Lifts for Boats

Model L4500H L6000H L8000H L12000H
Maximum Weight 4500 lbs. 6000 lbs. 8000 lbs. 12000 lbs
Maximum Beam 120" 120" 130" 130"
Lifting Height 47" 47" 47" 63"
Minimum Water Depth 18" + Draft 21" + Draft 21" + Draft 26" + Draft
Bunk Length 10' 12' 14' 16'
Leg Height 4/36" 4/36" 4/48" 4/48"
Weight of Lift 425 lbs. 600 lbs. 650 lbs. 1490 lbs.
Power Source 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC

Specifiction Sheets

L4500H   L6000H   L8000H   L12000H

Model L18000H L24000H L30000H
Maximum Weight 18,000 lbs. 24,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs.
Maximum Beam 144"/156" 168" 168"
Lifting Height 63" 63" 63"
Minimum Water Depth 26" + Draft 26" + Draft 26" + Draft
Bunk Length (6) 8' (6) 8' (6) 8'
Leg Height 48" 48" 48"
Weight of Lift 2430 lbs. 2550 lbs. 2750 lbs.
Power Source 12/24 V DC 12/24 V DC 12/24 V DC

Specification Sheets

L18000H  L24000H  L30000H

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