Pontoon Boat Lifts


Tired of having to always cover your pontoon boat?

We have the perfect solution for you.  A Shore-Mate pontoon lift is a great way to get your boat out of the water to keep your pontoons clean.  If your tired of having to cover your boat all the time, add a canopy to the lift so that you never have to cover your boat again.  Our pontoon lifts are exactly like our manual and hydraulic boat lifts, just with different cradles to lift your pontoon boat!


Pontoon Lifts

Model L45120V L4500H
Maximum Weight 4500 lbs. 4500 lbs.
Maximum Beam 120" 120"
Lifting Height 72" 47"
Minimum Water Depth 8" + Draft of Boat 18" + Draft of Boat
Bunk Length 10' 12'
Leg Height 4 - 36" Legs 4 - 36" Legs
Weight of Lift 355 lbs. 425 lbs.
Lift Style Vertical Cantilever


Choose how you want to lift your pontoon boat.  Is your water depth an issue? If so, a pontoon lift with a "center lift" is the best way to lift your boat out of the water.  If you would rather lift your pontoon boat from underneath the pontoons, then a "bunk style" is your best choice.  Here are two examples of each style of lift:


Center Lift Cradle:


Bunk Style Cradle

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